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Download on the Mac App Store.Requires Mac OS X 10.9+
Download on the App Store.Requires iOS 7.0+

Stay organized and productive

Note-taking has finally become more productive with moccanote. Capture your ideas, thoughts, and save them in your Inbox. Set a Focus on your important notes and organize them by creating Stacks.

Stay Organized And Productive

Streamlined and clean

With its clean and straight-forward user interface, moccanote will quickly become the perfect compan-
ion for your daily workflow. No need for unneces-
sary file and folder management. Just focus on your notes.

Streamlined And Clutter-Free

Keep your Data in Sync

Would you like to share your ideas between your devices in real-time? Enable iCloud sync and always carry your notes with you.

Keep Your Data in Sync

Backup and collaborate

Never worry about losing important data again. You can always save and restore database backups on your Mac. And with moccanote's own file format, you can easily share selected notes and collaborate with others.

Backup And Collaboration

HTML and Markdown Support

Writing a blog entry, preparing a post on your website, or just want to style your text? No problem: moccanote fully supports Markdown and HTML tags.

PDF and Plain Text Export

With moccanote you can quickly make your notes accessible to other applications by simply exporting them as PDF or plain text files.

Drag & Drop

Looking for more ways to enhance your pro-
ductivity? By dragging and dropping Entries onto the Desktop or into the Finder, you automatically create a new file containing your notes.

Advanced Search

Whether application-wide or just in your Inbox, moccanote's advanced search offers an efficient approach to always find what you are looking for.

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